Thursday 19 November 2015

Souvenir from Turkey

I have not visited Turkey but a friend did and this was a gift from her. She remembered that I love bath soaps and this olive oil one came in a very pretty package and you get a nice tin after having used the soap. Can you make out the tin design from the first photo and the little bear charm?


  1. Attached to the bear to a Turkish eye, that's the blue bead, it's a good luck charm. In turkey they have them above the front doors, it's is supposed to bring good luck and ward off evil. They would be bigger hanging up but do keep the charm somewhere, if you can make something to hang up with it,
    Had a known I would have got you some soap while I was there, Do enjoy

  2. I did not notice that. Thank you Margaret. I will hang on to the eye for good luck!