Wednesday 11 November 2015

Coffee with Butter

Someone mentioned how good this was and we just had to try it. It was a Sunday afternoon after lunch at the nasi padang place in Kandahar Street and we drove to look for this old coffee shop for the butter coffee. It was surprisingly good. It was in a 'time-stood-still' coffee shop with old round marble tables that we found an elderly man making coffee the old traditional way. The familiar clanking of the lid to the boiling water reservoir and the coffee sock in a metal tumbler. Just like how my aunt would make coffee when she ran a coffee shop way back then. Note how the coffee looks, resembling the well used marble table.


  1. Yes, it is wonderful! I drink this - bulletin-proof coffee - every single morning! I am drinking it now. For many of us who eat no grains or sugar, it is a staple in our diet for the high fat content. I love it. : )

  2. I've never tried butter, but I love coconut oil in my coffee.

  3. Not tried this coffee, looks delicious