Friday 21 August 2015


At a recent fair, there was a lady selling handmade jewellery and henna tattoos. She was tending the stall all by herself and I was amazed at how she multi-tasked.  She could carry a conversation with one customer, sold earrings to another while she designed this on my hand.


  1. Beautiful, and wow she is talented!

  2. How long do henna tattoos last? Yours is beautiful!

  3. Amazing, wonderful design, Vernon does not believe we can multi-task so I showed and read your piece to him. Did not get a reply.
    How long did it last?

  4. Gorgeously elegant mehndi pattern. And the colour came off real dark & nice, despite being on the back of your hand ! Very beautiful :-))

    We dab some concentrated sugar solution when the mehndi dries, to bring out the deeper colour; it also prevents the paste from drying & flaking off.
    And the paste is scraped off rather than washed away, massaged with some Eucalyptus oil allowing some further 'settling in' & longevity of colour.

  5. Thank you for your comments. This one lasted about 5 days before it started to fade. I think it could last longer if I did not wash my hands so often. I did not moisturize my hands either.