Tuesday 19 May 2015

Tatted Cube

Tatted in Daruma Lace Size 30 thread in mocha brown. I added some Delica beads. Thread, beads and pattern are from Japan. The thread was in the clearance bin with a 40% discount. The thread seemed more like a size 10 to me. I purchased a few colours. Sometimes, you just need a larger sized thread.

This was not as easy as it looked. There is a mistake in one of the joining picots as I joined to a wrong picot.


  1. That is very cute! I too have thread in larger sizes, sometimes it is just needed :)

  2. I look at this and shudder as I know it is difficult! It is one of those dyslexia-taunting patterns that will bring forth tears and nasty language. You have tatted it beautifully!

  3. Very clever little 'cube'! I immediately thought it would be tricky to do, especially with the beads! It turned out well; no one would know there is a wrong join.

    I'm getting 'behind' on the blogs, as the warm weather has cut into my computer time. Those interlocking rings are intriguing, although they didn't work out for you. Interesting concept. Love the photos of Tsuru!

  4. I have seen this cube before, I have not tried it yet, well done looks really good.