Thursday, 26 March 2015

Corona WIP 4

Wierd colour scheme or not, this round is done. Tatted motif by motif while joining to the previous round. For each motif, I used about 2.5m on shuttle 1 and 3m on shuttle 2 with split rings and split chains.

Next is another 12 motifs. I am contemplating between a variegated or solid colour. Logically it should be a variegated but I am inclined to a solid colour.


  1. Well, I would pick a solid color that has one of the reds in the center or a variegated purple light with dark. I really like this an can see that incorporating already used colors in the future parts of doily or start with a green ha ha so many choices this is looking good!

  2. It's looking really nice!! :)

  3. It's very impressive! Next round I might suggest one of the colors from the center, in a solid - but I don't know, really. I'm sure you'll come up with something stunning!