Monday, 16 March 2015

Corona WIP 2

Round 4 was a little tricky but 5 & 6 was fine. It isn't too difficult. My Josephine chains seem very thin compared to that tatted by Fox here.

I will change the thread colour for the next round which is individual motifs. That will take some time to tat. 

I hope more tatters join in. It is never too late.


  1. It does look a bit thinner... I wonder why. Perhaps illusional, just the colour?

  2. I love the way it starts off square and becomes round.

  3. Looks lovely pattern and gorgeous in the red burst

  4. I did get started and have not posted anything yet I am redoing part cause I am not happy with the color yours is turning out great!

  5. I love that color and can't wait to see what color you change to. Your color combinations are always unusual, but lovely!