Thursday 18 September 2014

Potpourri Sachet

Tally Tatty asked to see the potpourri sachet. I was too lazy to make the sachet from scratch so I got these organza bags. Used a fabric glue and carefully brushed it on the tatting and place it on with a paper backing so it would not stick to the other side of the bag while the glue dried. Moved the paper a little while it dried so it would not stick to the paper too.

That makes it quick and easy. Potpourri is from Ikea. I may need to get more organza bags in different colours for the variety of tatted motifs that I have made. It also makes a pretty gift bag.


  1. Such a clever idea, and they look great. I have just been given some fresh lavender and when dried can make bags out of them. Never thought of using those organza bags which I have quite a few of. Many thanks for the solution of putting the tatting on them without sticking to the other side too.

  2. That motif adorns that bag so beautifully!!! :)

  3. This is lovely! Thanks for sharing how you did it.