Monday 1 September 2014

Nina Libin's Book Spine #2

This is also tatted in two parts and using each shuttle, split rings are finally added in the centre to join the two. Tatted in Flora Size 20 in a variegated green (Col. 66) and cream Delica beads.

I added a tail and a motif at the end. If this is going to be a book spine, the the tail and motif could be a bookmark. This was an interesting tat and chock full of beads. I think it would make a lovely bracelet or choker too. From the looks of it, you would not think that the centre is made using split rings. What a clever design from Nina Libin.


  1. And you cleverly tatted it as well! I find that tatting Nina Libin, is a study in itself, even if you can already tat.

  2. Agree a very clever design and as usual you have tatted it beautifully

  3. Lovely pattern, makes a lovely bookmark, but I never use beads on bookmarks so I would make it into a bracelet.

  4. What a surprise! I have just posted on my blog about a bracelet which has this kind of motif. But I proceeded not at all in this way! I used only a single shuttle and I alternated chains in double stiches and chain split.
    I am not very satisfied with it because the result is not very clean. I would never have thought of this solution!