Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Toccata in Burgundy

This is Marilee's Toccata choker necklace tatted in Flora Size 20 #222. In Marilee's book this choker necklace in a fiery red looked stunning. I wanted to tat this as soon as I saw it. 

It is tatted in parts. I decided to skip the last part and added a chain with a clasp instead. Done in Miyuki Delica DB-22L beads, fire polished bicones (5mm) and a Swarovski flat briolette crystal in silver shadow. It will look different in many other thread colours too. 

As you can see instead of floatings rings as instructed in the pattern, I did SCMRs and it looks a little different from Marilee's. 

I love how this turned out. Time to start another.


  1. Lovely variation on Marilee's necklace!

    Your previous post is a reminder that even electronics carry emotional ties and are difficult to part with. I still have my parents' floor model wood entertainment center from the 1940s which had a phonograph, radio and wire recorder, on which he recorded some of my birthday parties in the 1950s And DH and I still have our own 1966 entertainment center which had our first color TV, stereo and radio. Our big screen TV sits on top of it, since it is a large and quality piece of walnut furniture. We had the old tube TV removed and cleverly covered the big hole. We watched the 1969 moon landing on it.

  2. Stunning! Good to personalise the pattern too.