Friday 14 June 2013

Pauline's Angel


This little angel pattern is by Victoria Clarke. It came as a kit with threads and beads and the printed pattern from here.  It measures about 1.5 inches across. The beads included were colour coordinated with the threads. I love the kit as it meant I did not have to go looking for the appropriate sized beads. I do enjoy looking for beads and coordinating it with the threads but sometimes it is nice to have it all done for you. I used up the extra size 10 beads for the hanging strand above the angel's head. It could be attached to your purse as a zipper pull, a handbag charm or a mobile phone charm. Thanks so much Vicki.


  1. Lovely angel, the beads work so well with her.

  2. What a beautiful angel. I love how the beads really highlight the pattern. REally nice colors.

  3. It's really cute as a charm! I'd love it attached to my purse!