Monday 3 June 2013

Beaded Pendant

It is called Cathedral Window on pg 13 of this Japanese book - A new approach to Tatting by Yusai Shokonin. I have had this book for sometime now but never attempted any of the patterns until now. I used Lizbeth Size 40 #607 Charcoal medium and #168 Latte Foam.  I did not like how the block tatting shaped up. Perhaps I could have blocked it differently. There were too many beads in the pattern for my liking.

The beads I used are Toho Size 11. There are plenty of pretty colours to choose from, inexpensive but the beads are not as uniform as Miyuki Delica beads.


  1. Lovely pattern, I can see why it's called cathedral pattern
    Love you the colours you used

  2. Both look really wonderful!!! :)

  3. The charcoal one... fabbo!

    I agree with about the bead. Somehow, for me, the more inexpensive beads just do not have the pleasing look of the better quality ones.
    Fox : )

  4. I think this design looks great. However, I know what you mean about beads that are not uniform, sometimes you can get away with using them but obviously not on this pattern.

  5. They look great (with a slight preferance of the one on the left).

  6. Very nice pattern! I guess it's true what they say about 'you get what you pay for' after all. I still think these both look really nice