Wednesday 16 January 2013

TIAS 2013 Day 2

Here is how it looks after Day 2 of tatting.  You learn something new every day! Thank you, Jane!! I did not know you could leave a bare thread, tat a ring, then the split chain. Isn't that cool?

What could it be? What about a pink sailboat, a pink wizard's hat, a pink slice of pizza, a pink cocktail glass, a pink kite, a pink lampshade, a pink bikini bottom, one half of a pink bikini top . . .

I had been practising the split chain with the several pineapple heaven doilies tatted last year, so this was a breeze. I highly recommend the Marie Smith method blogged about by Frivole here.

I have not tried FS/BS tatting yet, maybe someday.

On another note, if you are having problems uploading photos on blogger, try this: When composing the post, switch to html (top left, next to 'compose'), upload your photo, switch back to 'compose' and post as usual. I had the same problem and this seems to work.


  1. I love your thinking, have not started the TIAS yet, we are staying with Vernon's sister, weather looks like we might be having snow at end of week so may not get home for a while.
    I will catch up the TIAS when I get home,
    They say you learn something everyday

  2. Oh, thanks for the extra advice on using blogger and photos - so far I've been doing OK but ....... I have a written 'fast and easy' Marie Smith way somewhere on my site too!!!

  3. I like the texture of the basketwork against your tatting.

  4. Isn't it fun to learn new things?

    I have used the BTS several times when I do Christmas trees.
    Yours is very pretty in pink.

    Mine is done, have to get it sent to Jane and posted to my blog

  5. Margaret, I am sure you will catch up with TIAS 2013 easily when you get home.

    Hi Jane E, I have not seen yours and must look for your split chain instructions.

    Jane M, Just wanted to photograph them with different backgrounds each time. I thought it would make a nice contrast.

    Ladytats, Yes it is! When the mind is willing. I am still resistant to FS/BS tatting. Maybe one day.