Monday 5 December 2011

Angels Incorporated

I added 925 silver ear hooks to the little angels and tatted a tail for the larger version with an angel charm. I found this angel charm at the local bead shop and thought it would be most suitable with these tatted angels.

If you noticed, I made a mistake in the angel, one less ring on one side of the skirt. I did not see it until I finished it. Hmmm, my imperfect angel bookmark. Thank you Anne Bruvold for this pattern and Tatting Marie for introducing it.


  1. So happy that you like the little angel by Ann Bruvold. It is one of my favorit ones to tat. I did send it out in all my Angel Tree Christmas Cards last year.
    Love your the earrings and bookmark.

  2. I like the "slimmer" angel. I was thinking of making this angel the way you did with split rings and SCMR. I *think* I've got your direction- any chance you'd just draw arrows over your path?

    I'd wear those earrings.

  3. These angels are darling! The angel charm adds the perfect finish to the bookmark. Superb!

  4. I love these angels, I have done a few and given them away. so never did post them. I will have to get this pattern out and do some more.
    no one would ever know there was a "mistake" without you mentioning it.
    They are all very nice.

  5. Fabulous earrings and bookmark! I love how the angel charm is almost like the tatted angel on the bookmark!!! :)