Tuesday 13 December 2011

Angel in Autumn Apple Pie

This one is Anne Bruvold's SSSR Angel in Lizbeth Size 40 Autumn Apple Pie. Made this one with a short tail. The colours did not end up symmetrical on the angel but that's fine.


  1. Your angel bookmark turned out so sweetly!

    Please accept my apologies if you are in any way dissatisfied with this colorway. I promoted it on my blog when the new colors came out. I gave this colorway it's name.

    But I am seeing on other tatter's blogs that this colorway doesn't always look as beautiful tatted up as it does on the ball.

    Your angel doesn't suffer. But I fear other tatters may not have such appealing outcomes.

    I fear this colorway may be one of the unfortunate ones. I am in the process of testing it on a Spinning Wheel Glass Mat, Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire and a bookmark.

    Please share your thoughts on this colorway. I will be discussing my outcomes with Barbara Foster of Handy Hands early next year.

  2. Your angel looks awesome in those colors!!! :)

  3. Thank you God's Kid

    Hi IsDihara,

    This colorway did turn out a little darker than I thought it would but it is still lovely. I thought it was very aptly named and I love the red on this colorway. I am quite happy with it.

    Were you also responsible for Blue River Glades? That one, I simply love! Did you see the whale?

    Jungle greens was also a little dark but it has some lovely shades of green. I will be tatting with it soon.

  4. Hi, love seeing your angel. I've been tatting it too. Got impatient with burying the final ends and added beads so that the beaded ends look like they're part of her belt. Fun tatting so many SSSR's.
    Katie V in NC katie at r-v-r dot com