Saturday 10 September 2011

And . . . More Belles

What am I going to do with all these? Well, Christmas presents of course.
An elegant black in Size 20 with a citrine briolette, Swarovski glass pearl and Delica beads.

This one is tatted in Lizbeth 40 Easter Eggs (#159) with Swarovski glass pearl, crystal and Delica beads.

One in Lizbeth 40 Country Grape Medium (#637) with Swarovski glass pearl, crystal and Delica beads.

Another in Lizbeth 20 Gold (#611) with Swarovski crystals and Delica beads.

This one is in Lizbeth 40 Autumn Spice (#136) with Swarovski glass pearl, crystal and Delica beads.

As a pair of earrings in Guttermann Sulky Rayon 30 (Col 1220, 100% viscose) with Swarovski pearls, crystals and Delica beads.


  1. everything you do is so pretty, and your selection of beads, pearls, and crystals is amazing.
    thanks for all the eye candy, I enjoy checking your blog.

  2. All of your Belles are gorgeous!! Your bead and thread combinations are so pretty! This is one of my favorite things to tat too!! I just finished another one myself. It is a gift to a friend who is crocheting me a hat for winter. Hopefully I'll post a picture of it soon.
    Happy Tatting!

  3. You've created beautiful gifts. I especially like the one made in Lizbeth gold.

  4. Stunning, beautiful I dont know which pair I love the most but I think is has to be the second one.

  5. These are just amazing! They look so fancy and complicated.
    I love the first and last ones.

  6. Wonderful to see all these different color combinations that you've used with this pattern; they're all spectacular!

  7. Wow!! Those all look so great! I love your color combinations! They are all so fabulous! :)