Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My Neighbour's Cat

This cat is my neighbour's. Found him lounging on the balcony as I was walking up to the apartment block lifts one morning. He looked directly at me and did not move so I quickly whipped out my camera and took a shot. He is on the second floor.
He reminds me of Del, a cat I had in the early 1990s. No digital camera then. I will take some photos of the prints and post him another time.


  1. We have a kitten that looks a lot like that, too! We found him at dusk out in the middle of nowhere in the country - he would have been part of the food chain if my daughter hadn't been able to get him to come to her :-( She named him Bruno. I know he'll grow into that name, but we sure laughed at the big sounding name for the cute little kitty, maybe 7 weeks old. I love that you always have your camera ready and share so much with us!! ~Tatikan/Sher

  2. I have the camera in my bag most days. If not, I use my phone. Glad you enjoy the photos. Bruno the cat sounds like he was lucky to have met your daughter, Sher. I just love kittens.