Saturday, 2 April 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #13

This is Myra Piper's pattern No. 1. According to Myra, this was an edging pattern which she adapted into a snowflake. Isn't it pretty. I decided to use small picots instead of the usual ones. It looks rather delicate. I am begining to wonder if I should tat all the snowflakes for the tree in white. The tree is green so that wouldn't show up. What about in red? Should I have a few in red? Seems odd to have red snowflakes.


  1. Red tatting looks great on a green tree!

    You could make motifs that have more than six sides in red. Then they aren't snowflakes. Or decorate glass balls or satin balls with your tatting. No question of the lace being mistaken for a snowflake!

    Or go ahead and make red snowflakes. They will be pretty and lacey regardless of color. Whatever you choose, your tree will be stunning!

  2. An all-white tree can be really beautiful.

  3. My lace guild decorates a small tree in lace most years for charity auctions and one thing they've found is that color gets lost on green trees. The guidelines that go out in preparation request that the ornaments be in white with only touches of color if you want color and that gold or silver added to white works best. We also keep our ornaments under 1 1/2 inches but it's because the tree is small. The finer threads look better on a small tree but if you're talking about a bigger tree, that wouldn't matter.

    I think that's why some tatters chose to get aluminum or white trees so that the colors would show at their best. A red bow or beads might be a way to add a little color too. I think you'll be happier with white though.

  4. That's another great snowflake! You are going to have a wonderful blizzard this year! :)
    I have the same problem with considering snowflakes in other colors, but I see so many beautiful ones on the blogs that I have considered tatting a few.

  5. Pretty! I think it would smashing red!
    Fox : )

  6. Probably best to keep them white. There is something very lovely about the white contrasting the green!
    Very pretty (:

  7. Thank you so much to all for your comments and advice. I loved reading your opinions and I have decided to keep it white. The red and green can be added to the tree with other ornaments. It is not a big tree so now I am now worried that some of the snowflakes may be too big. But I guess if I have a variety of sizes enough snowflakes to choose from, it should be okay.

    Thanks everyone.