Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Shuttle for Exchange - Pink Butterfly


I sent out all 3 giveaway packages yesterday to Tara, Robert and Grovenore. I'm hoping that it will arrive safe and without any huge delays.

Now, this little pink shuttle with white butterflies is up for an exchange. You can send me one that is blinged/decorated or unblinged. If you have a Sew Mate pointed tip shuttle, that is preferred. I love those shuttles.

If you like to take part in this exchange, just leave a comment here and contact me via e-mail with your mailing details. First to indicate will get this shuttle.

I will bling more shuttles for exchange. So even if you are not the first to indicate, at least I will know how many people are interested to do another shuttle exchange. Do note that comment moderation is activated.


  1. I would love to do a shuttle exchange with you. That pink one is lovely.


  2. Hi Marie,

    The shuttle is yours. Just sent you an e-mail.

  3. Whenever you are ready with more I'd enjoy having a blinged shuttle exchange with you.

  4. Hi Bonnie,

    I would love to bling a shuttle for you. The next shuttle will be yours.