Monday 29 November 2010

Nasi Lemak

This is one of my favourite local dishes. You normally have it for breakfast. This was brunch in Malaysia when I was visiting mom in June. I love this and must have it whenever I'm home. Although you can find it here in Singapore, it is slightly different.
It is rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves served with chilli, fried peanuts and ikan bilis (small anchovies), hard boiled egg or fried egg, slices of cucumber and a selection of seafood (cuttlefish cooked in chilli or deep fried fish), meat (beef or chicken rendang or deep fried chicken). This is normally served on a banana leaf or wrapped in banana leaves if it is for takeaway.
We ate at a road side stall. The first photo shows the basic plate and you then add on to that. On that day, we had the fried fish (mackerel?) and fried chicken. Usually my favourite is the basic plate with beef rendang. According to mom, this particular stall is famous for its fried chicken. We had to try it before heading back to Singapore. It was good! Here is Wikipedia's version of nasi lemak.

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  1. mmmmm.. Rice in coconut milk. Is there anything better?!