Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sun Setting at 6.50pm

The other day I posted the moon at 7am. This is the view from the same window in the evening on two different days. How often do you notice the sun setting? I don't. We live in high rise apartments with the windows shut and curtains drawn in our little air conditioned boxes. Sometimes I notice the sun setting when we are driving home on the expressway or when I am about to have my shower before dinner, but it isn't often.


  1. I'll try again!
    I can't see the sun set from my house but I used to walk the track around the football field at the middle school up the road in the evening. I saw some beautiful sunsets! Then afterwards, I would sit up in the bleachers and look at the moon and stars. It's all fenced off now so I can't walk there anymore.

    And yes, that was the node stitch on those bookmarks.

  2. That is so nice - relaxing...

    I love watching the sunset and something I noticed? Every sunset is different