Friday, 29 October 2010

Shuttle Exchange with Typstatting

This green Clover shuttle was decorated by Typstatting. It came with a tatted phone charm and a card with the most adorable Siamese cat. I showed Tsuru the card but she couldn't be bothered. I have on more than one occasion seen her react to birds on the television. No reaction here.

These threads which Typstatting sent were in exchange for shuttles too. It was most generous of her to offer to get me some Altin Basak variegated threads. The Lizbeth is #115 Springtime (one of my favourite Lizbeth colours). I have this colour in size 40 and now one in size 20. This plus two other sample threads. One is labelled L101 which looks like Lizbeth Springflowers and the other is not labelled. Thank you so much. I love the shuttle and the thread colours, and the extra goodies you included. Thank you for agreeing to do the exchange.


  1. Wooo! Pretty shuttle and that is some fine looking thread! Enjoy!
    Fox : )

  2. Isn't Typstatting so sweet to send me all those threads. I will enjoy tatting with them! I love her choices.

  3. I didn't think I was that sweet but it's a nice comment thank you!

  4. ...beautiful!!!!!!!
    ... should be fun tatting with those colors and the shuttle is cute!