Sunday 19 September 2010

Windmills (MK#48)

This is Mary Konior's pattern called Windmills in her book 'Tatting in Lace'. This is different from the other pattern named Windmills in her 'Tatting with Visual Patterns' book. If you remember Jeff of Bridge City Tatting tatted that pattern here and here. I should re do this with smaller picots. Thread use is Milford Size 40 in black.


  1. Goodness You are a veritable tatting MACHINE! This is wonderful. Another I have to try.

    Who needs direction on what to tat next when one just needs to follow this blog!

    Following Fox : )

  2. Love your windmill doily, and I am so chuffed about the getting the Bling Shuttle I would love the Pink one please.

  3. Thank you! I kept thinking there was more than one "windmill" but was too lazy to check.

    Glad you got takers for the shuttle exchange. It was all I could do NOT to join in but that would have been unreasonably selfish of me. LOL! I do like to decorate shuttles though.

  4. smaller picots??

    Well, I guess it would be interesting to see.... as of right now, I like the longer picots

    OK, re-do! let's see what the majority think (shorter or longer), but in black so it will be a fair comparison :-P :-D

  5. I am going to tat it again with smaller picots. Lily, look out for it. I think it will make a difference.

    I have noticed that Mary Konior often has similar patterns or similar names of patterns in her different books. But because she is so talented, I really think that all her books are just tatters must haves.

    Fox, LOL, I am just such a fan of Mary's patterns. I just wish I had all the time in the world and could tat every pattern of hers.