Friday 3 September 2010

Alexandra - WIP

I wanted a grey and pink combination but again I forgot to make the picots smaller. This pattern is Alexandra from Lyn Morton on page 22 of Tatting Patterns. I am hoping to continue this and make the 9 motif mat. I don't know if I will as I did not enjoy tatting this. Perhaps I should take a break.


  1. It grabbed my attention on the screen. It is pretty!

    Maybe you do need a break. I put away her book for about 6monthd and took it out and now I love the patterns... Sometimes you just have to walk away for a bit.

    In this pattern I do not mind the larger picots at all.
    Fox : )

  2. Why didn't you like making it? It looks lovely!

  3. I love that color combo!

    Don't tat it if you're not enjoying it. Find a different motif to make your mat from.

    Nothing wrong with long picots. Picot length is a matter of each tatter's individual style.