Thursday, 1 July 2010

New Stained Glass Project - Chinese Phoenix

I have decided on this phoenix pattern for my next stained glass project. I will use the copper foil technique as it has a lot of small pieces. The free pattern is from Chantal Pare. This is what it looks like after 15 hours of work. Still a long way to go. It is approximately 262 pieces of glass, which has to be cut and shaped.


  1. Oh wow! That's going to be stunning when finished!

  2. Gosh, going to be divine. Are you using a glass grinder?

  3. I hope so Blu. I am worried about the soldering part.

    Hi Tatskool, Yes, I used the grinder at the glass studio (where I had classes) for this lot of glass but after thinking about it, I bought my own grinder. I will continue the rest of the work at home at my own time.

  4. That is going to be beautiful!!!

  5. I bought my own grinder too, it made life so much easier.But having moved away from it it's hard to get back to doing it again. One of my all time favourite 'colour' crafts.

  6. Wow that will be beautiful. I love your choice of red. I am excited to see the finished project.

    Laura Goff Parham
    State of the Art Inc
    Stained Glass Studio

  7. Thanks Tattin' Kat and Laura.
    This is my first project to be done on my own.

    Tatskool, I would really love to see your stained glass pieces?