Tuesday 6 July 2010

My Tatted Zoo

I forgot to acknowledge the designer of these patterns. These are all from Dianna Stevens' book 'Animal Bookmarks - A Tatted Zoo'.
From left to right: Tat Cat in Anchor Cotton Perle 8, Col. 1302; Snake in GT Cotton Pearl 8 in variegated red; Alligator in DMC Cotton Perle 8 Col. 111 (variegated mustard); Lion in Anchor Cotton Perle 8, Col. 1302 and Col. 381.

Pig in Anchor Cotton Perle 8 Col. 1320.

Butterfly heart in GT Cotton Perle 8 in variegated red.

Owl in Anchor Cotton Perle 8 Col. 381, DMC Cotton Perle 8 Ecru and Col. 94 (variegated khaki green).


  1. Charming Zoo!!
    Especially Lion... and Owl on the cactus )
    And very beautiful thread on the Cat.

    Din't you use "Leah's" thrads??
    There are many fine color combinations, but I don't know how are they in tatting...

  2. This is just too adorable! I love the idea of animals as bookmarks!!!!

  3. Wow....these are lovely. I like
    the Tat Cats in the first pic. *..*

  4. I love them all! Your thread selections really show the patterns to advantage.

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments. I had fun doing these. The cat was the first one I tatted. I just had to rummage through my thread stash to find what was best suited. No, I have not tried Leah's threads. May do so when I need a thread fix.

  6. Like the alligator and owl best, i am doing Alligators. Great design, my favourite so far.