Thursday 3 June 2010


This is Nora, a pattern from Iris Niebach's Tatted Doilies on pg 27. I used Lizbeth Size 20 #107 (Tropical Fruit) for rounds 1, 3 and 5; and #688 (Seagreen) for rounds 2 and 4. I think if I tatted this again, I would stop at round 3. I didn't like how rounds 4 and 5 turned out.

I did not estimate how much ball thread I used but if you find it useful, these are the amounts of shuttle thread needed - round 1 - 4 metres on shuttle 1 and 2.5m on shuttle 2, round 2 - 2m, round 3 - 14m, round 4 - 1m and round 5 - 3m.


  1. I wonder if you used different colours how it would look.
    This has a very '50's' appearance and maybe that is why the outer rounds are not pleasing to you.

    It is very pretty!
    Fox : )

  2. I think it's very pretty. It reminds me of the designs you would see inside a kaleidoscope.

  3. Very nice combination of colors!

  4. This turned out very nice. I love the colors!

  5. Yowza! That doily is stunning in that combination of colors! I have seen on a few other tatting blogs grumblings about the "ugliness" of Tropical Fruit #107. You have used it to marvelous effect!

    Would you perhaps be more pleased with rows 4 and 5 if they both had been tatted in the solid color?

    I like the finish rows 4 and 5 give the doily, but it would also be lovely stopped at row 3.

    Now off to go find my Tropical Fruit and Seagreen Lizbeth and brainstorm a new project!

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    Hmmm I agree, row 5 would look better in seagreen.

    I love tropical fruit and seagreen.

  7. That's one that i haven't done yet. Thanks for the thread amount info.

    Would love to see it made again in different colours.