Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Cat napping

Umi and Tsuru sleep a lot these days, all day and all night. Tsuru only wakes for her treats and meals. They must be getting on in age.


  1. Your cats are beautiful! Perhaps they need a new playmate to get them active again?

  2. How sweet at least they are staying out of mischief!!!

  3. Oh, no! I thought the kitties were being held for ransom!!!
    Thank goodness it is just super-cute kitties sleeping away the afternoon!

  4. How soundly they sleep. When you are awake at night, you wish you could easily fall asleep like Umi and Tsuru. Oh, they do get active when they see a house lizard or a bird outside. And ocassionally they chase each other around the house messing up my floor rugs and scratching my floors.