Sunday, 30 May 2010

Queen of Hearts

These 3 hearts flew off to Judy in celebration of her birthday last week. I'm afraid it is very much belated but better late than never. Top left was done in Flora Size 20 (Col. 41); Top right tatted in Yarnplayer's Peace HDT Size 20; Bottom tatted in Ladyshuttlemaker's Weeping Cherry Size 20 silk HDT.

After I sent those hearts off to Judy, I continued tatting more. Above in white Anchor cotton threads Size 2. Yes 2 not 20. Compare the size of the heart with those in size 30 and 40 threads below.

Bottom left tatted in Yarnplayer's Garden Afternoon Size 30 and bottom right in Milford Mercer Indigo Size 40. I always thought that indigo was more blue than purple but the label for that thread says indigo. It does look more purple to me.


  1. Your hearts are beautiful! I love this pattern. It makes all threads look wonderful!
    Fox : )

  2. Ooooh...another of my favorite heart patterns! It's almost June, the month of weddings, and I've used this pattern many times as a framed gift to commemorate the day. Love seeing it in so many colors and sizes!

  3. Gosh those hearts really sing, love the Garden afternoon one.

  4. Just love those Hearts and the colours really work well!!!!

  5. Dear Wendy,

    I am sooooooooooooo sorry for being so late with my comment.

    I feel very honored that you would make me a tatted birthday gift. I absolutely Love All Three of the beautiful tatted Hearts you created just for me. All the HDT colors are glorious. I will treasure them forever. Thank YOU, Thank YOU!!

    I plan to used the mostly shades of pink one for on my shirt that I am doing embroidery Motif on now at the moment.

    Have a great summer. Hugs Judy

  6. These are beautiful! I am a newbie tatter and am wondering if this pattern is available anywhere? I would love to make one of these!!

  7. Hi Catherine,
    The pattern is from Mary Konior's book Tatting with Visual Patterns.

    It was my pleasure.

    The one in Garden afternoon is my favourite too.

    The heart pattern would be perfect for weddings.

    Fox, Bonnie and TypsTatting,
    I wish we could have a site that has tatting done in different threads and colours of the same pattern. Patterns which most tatters love.

  8. Thanks, I am going to get my hands on that book!