Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cardboard house

What?? . . . boxes, no . .ooo . . cat condos!! One for each. I bought this faux fur lined cat bed, lugged it all the way back from Australia in the plane, which no one sits in and now collecting dust. They rather have these cardboard boxes to lounge in.

I sometimes, stack these boxes up and I find Tsuru way up on top of the stacked boxes and Umi in one of them.


  1. They are just like children, aren't they?

  2. I have 2 cat beds which neither cat used so I gave them to my son but his cats didn't like them either, even with catnip sprinkled on! I washed them and put new catnip...still no takers after the intial sniff and rolling. Then,I noticed the cats liked my tatting chair immensely and I have been putting towels there when I'm not sitting in it to catch the fur and I take the towels off when I'm in the chair. It occured to me to put the cat bed under the towel on the seat of the chair....and they all love it now. I think it must be the texture of the fabric they don't like. Try putting a regular terry towel on it. (or a piece of cardboard!)

  3. Well who wouldn't love a cardboard box!

  4. thats the best thing in cats - they choose themselves, and it doesnt matter if a bed is comfy or not, if they like somewhere else, it's fine with them. my cat is the same. she had that fur-covered box with a stand wrapped with a rope to scratch and she never used it. she loves scratching sofas!

  5. LOL! I am in the process of moving and my Mish the Burmilla is enjoying all the boxes. I should keep one after the move for his enjoyment!
    Fox : )

  6. Annie,
    I call them my daughters.

    They seem to change their favourite spot every few weeks. I think the cat bed is too warm for them in this weather. They do however like freshly laundered floor rugs.

    I agree but the boxes do not seem to go with the living room decor.

    A friend gave me this tip and it worked. Place the scratching pole at the sofa spot where the cats scratch to encourage them to scratch the pole instead.

    That will be such a treat for Mish.