Tuesday 9 February 2010

Lovers Knot Quilt ~ Completed

It took me twenty years, but it is done. My previous posts about this quilt are here, here and here. Quilting, border and binding done. It is not perfect but I am just glad I managed to finish it. I machine quilted in the ditch for the patchwork; quilted knots using a template for the border (see 2nd photo) and a machine sewn blue polka-dotted binding. Can you see the puckering in the denim backing (3rd photo)? I will keep this quilt for myself to remind me how far this has come to getting completed. It is full of flaws but there were valuable lessons learnt. Hopefully, my next quilt/patchwork will be better. I have quite a number lined up since I went on a shopping spree.


  1. It's gorgeous, Wendy. Congrats on finishing it. To me, all those so-called 'flaws' you point out just add to the 'country' look of the piece.

  2. It turned out beautiful. Mine will also be quilted "in the ditch" but by hand- my mom would have a fit if I machine quilted it. Good luck on your coming projects.

  3. You have done a great job!!!! and the colours are great!!!

  4. Like the quilt - a few years ago I did a miniature wall hanging quilt with that pattern. It was red,white and blue and I called it my 4th of July Lover's Knot (it was over that holiday). Think the block was only a 3 inch block.

    My wife likes to pick out all sorts of fabric, so have lots of projects to work on. So much that I don't know whether to tat or quilt.

    Take care and keep your hands busy. Robert, in northern snowy Iowa

  5. Wonderful! Congratulations on completing it! It is very pretty.
    Fox : )

  6. This is beautiful. It's is really beautiful. Congratulation with your first long awaited quilt.
    Now it's onwards to your new project, good luck.
    Have a great evening. Take care and God Bless!!!

  7. Hi Annie,
    Thanks for visiting and your kind words. I really admire your needle art.

    Wow Beelizabeth, patience and perseverance must be needed for hand quilting. It must look beautiful.

    Thanks Margaretha. I had help with the colours from experienced quilters at the shop when picking my fabric 20 years back.

    Robert, the 3 inch block must look awesome. Was it handstitched? I know what you mean. I tat each night and quilt in the afternoons on weekends and holidays.

    Hi Fox, It has been a long time since I started this quilt, I am just so relieved it's done.

    Thank you Julie. I will probably start the next project soon. I need to wash the fabrics first. It's going to be the cat quilt for my sister or the 'housework whenever' quilt. I have not decided.

    Have a nice day everyone!

  8. Wonderful! You give me hope! I have a quilt top started for my middle son (older kids's quilts done long ago) and I love the design but can't seem to make time to finish it! It's probably been 10-12 years since I started it. And I hand quilt so that part will take me quite awhile too.