Thursday 11 February 2010

Eightsome Reel (MK#12)

Eight is an auspicious number for the Chinese. This is because it sounds similar to the Chinese character for prosperity or wealth.
This is a pattern called Eightsome Reel from Mary Konior. I enjoyed tatting this. Quite an unusual pattern. This is done in Flora Cotton thread size 20 in pink (#211). Top photo was taken after blocking and orientated at a point. Photo with black background was taken before blocking and you can see why it is called eightsome reel.


  1. It's funny how just changing the tilt of a motif can change it entirely. I didn't recognize it from the 1st scan but I remember it now that I see the one below it. That's one of the things I enjoy the most about seeing how other people work up patterns. The choice of color as well as the way they position it when completed - so many options. It's inspiring.

  2. Interesting. Gina said what I thought!
    Fox : )

  3. Like them both but love the blocked one. I thought they were different patterns too.

  4. Umi, you do such beautiful work! I show my mom your tating because they are so wonderful! She did tating 60 yrs ago.

  5. Your Eightsome Reels are so neatly tatted. They look terrific!

    Wishing you much happiness, prosperity and tatting in the Year of the Tiger.