Saturday 3 October 2009

Tea with Mooncakes

Have you ever bought something just because you wanted the packaging it came in. I am definitely guilty of it. In this case it is the tin that I wanted. Similarly, I choose to buy mooncakes that had lovely packaging. I loved the tins it came in. I use the tins to keep my jewellery supplies, beads, gemstones, threads and pieces of tatting. They are quite useful.

It is that time of the year again. To celebrate the mid-autumn lantern festival, mooncakes and Chinese tea should be enjoyed under the full moon. Light a lantern and see the children enjoy themselves under the moonlight. I remember my grandmother singing a song when my sister and I walked round the garden with our lanterns.


  1. I've never heard of mooncakes but they look delicious. I'm guilty as you for buying things just for the sometimes is cheaper that least that's what I tell!
    That's a lovely memory of your childhood times!


  2. Your tea tin is indeed splendid and the mooncake makes my mouth water.
    Now I must go try to find a package of mooncakes at my local Asian market. Cross your fingers that I may be successful.

    Happy lantern festival!

  3. Love those tins. I do the same thing when I see a pretty container. I don't worry about the contents!

    Those mooncakes look very intriguing! Never saw anything quite like that before.

  4. Mooncakes are made using duck's egg yolk with a sweet lotus paste and a baked outer pastry. There are may other variations these days. Some are made with a variety of nuts insead of lotus paste and egg yolk. There are sweet so it goes well with Chinese tea (with no sugar).

  5. Sigh...yes, I buy the container and find a use for what's inside. LOL! Mooncakes - thanks for the explanation. I imagined something different but still appealing in the center there.

  6. Happy festival. May all your mooncakes be absolutely delicious!

  7. I guess, as a fairly new blogger, I did not see this when you posted it.

    Ever since I read Pearl Buck's, The Good earth, when I was very, very young, I have wondered about these mooncakes. My mom talked about them as she had a lifelong fascination with all things Chinese, as did that whole maternal side of the family.

    We celebrated major events in Chinatown, which was very unusual for our culture, a minority in Toronto in those years.

    Did you not post about them before?

    The containers are gorgeous! I did not know they came in that kind of container. They are just about as beautiful as the mooncake itself!
    Fox : )