Wednesday 14 October 2009

Lemon curd mini cupcakes

I made these in 3 different sizes: mini, medium and large. I prefer these mini as the portions of cake, lemon curd and icing seemed to be just right. I have never made this recipe of lemon curd before but it turned out really delicious. The recipe is from here. I did not have any Meyer lemons so I just combined 3 regular lemons and 1 small orange. It is yummy and fragrant and for those who dislike the sweetness of butter cream icing, this combination is good. Earl Grey Tea anyone?


  1. your lemon curd mini cupcakes and earl grey tea make my mouth water... LOL

  2. It was perfect combination Valerie.

  3. What a pretty tea for one! I'm going to copy this lemon curd recipe. I love lemon bars and lemon pie so I think I'd like this too.