Thursday 27 August 2009

August 2009 Giveaway

This tatted heart pattern is by Teresa Woods. I tat these often because I just love how simple and pretty the pattern is. I joined two hearts using split rings and made a book mark. You could also tie it round your wrist or use it as a choker round your neck. I think it would be long enough if you had a small neck.

All you have to do to participate in this giveaway is tell me what other colour you would like to see this in and how you would use it. Just leave a comment before 1st September 2009 and your name will be placed in a draw. Tsuru will pick the winner.

What's the giveaway? You guessed it, a similar bookmark/bracelet/choker in the colour you indicated.


  1. What a lovely bookmark. I will be sure to tell Teresa when I see her at Tat Days in 14 days.
    I would wind it around my chignon or other coiffure with my hair up or in a ponytail style, with the hearts dangling slightly asymmetrically. And in blue would be lovely, as in "my heart is true blue".
    As always, your giveaways are wonderful.
    Hugs, hess.tattersguild

  2. Hiya - just thought I would ask ... don't you mean 1st September 2009?

    I would like it in purple and use it as a bookmark ... or, depending on the purple used, include in my purple CQ bag when I get round to making it.

  3. Welcome HJ and Carla. Thanks Melusine for the date correction. Yes, I did mean 1st Sep 2009

  4. The bookmark is very pretty. Cute idea too. I would like blue, as that is my favorite. I would probably use it as a book mark as I always have a book I am reading.

    Thank you!

  5. very nice, I can see them in shades of purple. I would use it for a book mark or for a hair ornament. I don't wear a chignon, but do wear mine in a pony tail.

  6. This is one heart which I haven't tried. lovely the way you thought of joining them. How about 1 heart in baby pink and the other one in baby blue ?

  7. I must tell you how flattered and glad that you like this little pattern. The prototype was actually done in a Toyota dealership waiting for my Prius to be serviced. I then drove to Columbia SC (USA) for a Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting. Thank you once again and I am so very glad you enjoy this pattern.
    TeresaW, NATA #79
    Mount Holly, NC USA

  8. Hi Teresa,

    Thank you for coming by for a visit. I love this pattern and have made quite a number of hearts. I wish I could come up with tatting patterns so easily. Thank you for sharing it.