Friday, 22 May 2009

Puzzle Piece #8

This puzzle piece is done in felt. I stitched batik flowers which I cut out from a sarong batik piece and appliqued it to the felt. I did not stitch the edges of the batik flowers. Added two tatted pieces and blanket stitched it to another piece of felt as backing. Made my own cloth tags by using my rubber stamp. The ink ran a little but I heat fixed it using the iron. Hope it stays on.


  1. So many great ideas! Blanket stitch on the felt really gives a nice 'finished' look.

    That tatted butterfly looks so cute with flower appliques.

  2. This looks great. I was initially going to use felt and then changed my mind. At least it's easy to finish the edges of!

  3. That is pretty. Love the label!