Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pieces of Friendship Puzzle Swap

This is my puzzle piece #1. Pat Winter is hosting the Pieces of Friendship Puzzle Swap. I signed up last year and she gave participants a deadline of 1st June 2009. I made a slow start to this. You get as many puzzle pieces as you make for the swap. Four is the minimum. I have not decided whether to do more than four. You will have to follow my posts. Cutting out the puzzle shape which Pat provided and cutting out felt for the puzzle piece here took me months. Procrastination! I never got started until a few weeks back. I changed my mind and decided to do embroidery on silk. I have not done embroidery since school but I was inspired by the embroidery on crazy quilting which I saw on blogs of talented CQ artists. I had a book to help me. I wanted to do CQ but decided to settle for plain embroidery. This is a pattern from Creative Crewel Embroidery by Judy Jeroy 'Stitch a Memory' project. I think every tatter should take up embroidery just because you can use all the remaining threads from your tatting projects for embroidery. The flower is done in chain stitch, satin stitch, stem stitch, cretan stich and french knots. I added a blue glass butterfly. Am I done with this puzzle piece. I don't know. What do you think?


  1. WOW your puzzle piece is beautiful!! I am sure who ever gets it will be very happy...I know I would be.
    Now I wish I had signed up for the swap, getting your piece would of been worth it :-)
    Lovely job!!

  2. Oh, it's taking me forever too! I love your embroidery!

  3. What a beautiful puzzle piece! Your embroidery is lovely! :)

  4. the motif is very pretty. i think it's gonna be really unique. love it. i definitely want to see the rest of the pieces.

  5. I really enjoyed it. I remembered embroidery was quite difficult to do in school but it was not so bad doing it now.