Wednesday 8 April 2009

March 2009 Giveway Winner

The blue tatted heart in March's giveaway is going to TattingChic. Congrats TattingChic. Tsuru is asking you to watch for it in your postbox next week. To all who participated, come by to visit again soon, perhaps end of this month for the April giveaway.


  1. goody, congrats tattingchic.

  2. Get outta TOWN!!! I won your fabulous giveaway!?! That is super cool! I love your tatting! Oh, can I please post that adorable picture of Tsuru with my "name"??? I love it! Tsuru is such a cute kitty! So is Umi, can't forget Umi!!!

    Thanks for your comment today on my blog! I hope you do find a cake decorating class! I think you'd be good at it because the tension that you use it tatting kind of comes in handy with piping frosting because the pressure on the bag directly influences the size of the frosting coming out the tip.

  3. What a talented cat, picking the winner like that!



  4. Tsuru gets lazy sometimes. I do not usually put treats in between but she wasn't picking them up when I throw them down. She usually does. So I had to entice her with some treats.

    Tattingchic, I am so glad you liked the giveaway. I will have some news on the cake decorating class soon. Look out for it.

    Tsuru is my darling. She behaves more like a dog than a cat. I must spend more time with her and Umi. They have been neglected lately. Umi has hairball and she loves bamboo leaves. Must give her some tonight. They think bamboo leaves are also a treat. To me it is to get rid of hairballs.