Wednesday 1 April 2009

International Tatting Day

I learnt that today is International Tatting Day from Tattingchic. She invited me to her giveaway yesterday. Anyway, I wanted to share what I tatted last week. I saw this Quantiesque pattern from Jon and really love how it looked. I was very surprised how easy it was to tat this. I would encourage anyone to do this. It is most rewarding and looks just so lovely. Thank you Jon!

Play with the colours and you would be surprised how it turns out. I used two colours DMC Perle Cotton Size 5 in 915 and 500. I am already starting on my 2nd in different colours. Do try this, if you haven't done so already.


  1. Hello! THanks so much for the shoutout! I love the Quantiesque snowflake you tatted! It's lovely!
    Enjoy your Tatting Day, today! I'm now off to work, LOL! :)

  2. Very nice Quantiesque! Happy Tatting Day to you!

  3. Thank you for tatting my Q snowflake. When I made this snowflake, I never imagined how pretty it looks in the different colour variations.

  4. hey this is an interesting combo. christmas-y. pretty.