Thursday, 7 August 2008

Shuttles galore

I received two packages this week. I went on a shuttle shopping spree. I got the metal filigree and bone shuttles from Purse Paradise and the wood shuttles from David Reed Smith. I’m ecstatic. So this weekend I will spend my time trying out the new shuttles with the HDTs I got from Lady Shuttle Maker weeks earlier. Oh how I wish for more hours in a day.


  1. Your new shuttles are so pretty! I love purse paradise! I have yet to order from David Reed Smith, but I will...LOL! Thanks for the pics of your beautiful shuttles! You got some pretty ones!

  2. Thank you Tattingchic. From left to right: East Indian rosewood with birdseye maple inlay, padouk, curly maple and birdseye maple. David made them really fast. I love them too.