Monday, 18 August 2008

My Celtic heart torn apart

This tatting pattern is from Martha Ess. It is actually a Celtic design of two hearts entwined but she also had the pattern of the two hearts separated. Before I tried the Celtic design, I decided to tat both hearts separately. The first one was done in Seaweed HDT Size 80 and the second is my August giveaway.


  1. This pattern is also on my (very long) to-do list!
    Don't you just love size 80?

  2. Very pretty, but you scared me. I just knew one of your mischevious kittys had broken your heart!

  3. You scared me for a second. When I read the heading, I was afraid I was going to read a tale of woe about your love life!

    The tatted heart is lovely!

  4. Sorry to give you a scare. My heart did not break or my tatted heart torn apart but I did enjoy the colour of Seaweed.