Sunday 27 July 2008

Prawn and drumstick curry

This is my one of favourite curries. My mom used to cook this because we had a tree in our backyard from which the drumsticks grew. The fruit is long and looks very much like drum sticks. It is a legume with white flowers and very easy to grow . When I have a craving for this curry, I cook it myself.

Saute a chopped onion in some vegetable oil, add 2 tablespoons of fish curry powder and fry under low heat. Add drumsticks and cook for 10 mins before adding some water and coconut milk. When drumsticks are tender, add prawns and cook for another 10 mins. Curry tastes better after storing in the fridge overnight. It will be heated up and eaten with steamed rice tomorrow for dinner.


  1. I've never heard of drum sticks that grown on trees, legume or not! Have any idea what kind of tree it is? The recipe sounds delicious.

  2. Hi Laura, The name of the tree is Moringa oleifera. More about it here with a photo of the drumsticks.