Monday, 21 July 2008

More gorgeous threads and shuttle

I could not get enough of Lady Shuttle Maker's hand dyed threads. This time I got more silk threads: (from left) seaweed, yummy grapefruit, Karen's halo, peach pandorea, royalty, raspberry mousse and Vickies Lilacs. I was also amazed by her clay shuttles and decided to treat myself to one of her creations. I tried it out and it tats well. Just don't drop the shuttle or it might shatter to pieces. I just have to be careful. I love the tree design.


  1. Congratulations on your thread and shuttle. They are all beautiful. Now, what are you going to tat?

  2. Yes...what ARE you going to tat?

    Thank you for the nice comments.


  3. Oh...P.S. I drop my ceramic shuttles all the time but haven't broke one ...yet.
    Just don't tat over concrete :)

  4. Oh, I'm not sure. I will definitely post it when I'm done. I wish I had more time for tatting. Thanks Sherry and Laura.

  5. That is reasurring Sherry. Thank you! I may want to get one of your smaller shuttles without the pic, maybe next month. Do create more colours with your threads. I love how you use nature for your inspiration.

  6. Lovely shuttle and threads. I think she has very beautiful threads, and the grapevine necklace is scrumptious. I can just imagine how busy your little fingers will be with your new goodies. Have fun!