Friday 26 October 2007

Tatting project done!

I tatted this card case using Delica beads (DB104) and Flora 20 cotton thread (#216) as a gift for a dear friend. She works at a place which requires her to wear this awful looking lanyard and a security card key. When she wears the lanyard she cannot wear her beautiful necklaces. So I decided to make her this so that she can still carry her security card key with her while looking fabulous. With this card case she can either wear it on her wrist or tie it to her laptop bag. It has a flower and loop clasp to prevent the card from falling out. More Czech glass flowers and leaf dangles down.

Alternatively she could hang it from her handbag. This bag of mine was bought from a weekend market in Australia. I got it from a lovely lady who handmakes it. It's been mine for a number of years now.

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