Wednesday 24 October 2007


I was tagged by Pat Winter

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7 random and weird facts about myself

1. Simon, Rose, Barry, Duke, Sundae, Phui phui, Umi and Tsuru are names of all my pets, past and present.

2. Ruby is my birthstone which I love but these are my other favourites: moonstone, sunstone, labradorite, tourmaline, opal & emerald.

3. I feel that I should have been a farmer. I think it’s in my genes. However when I took a quiz to find out my ideal career some years ago, it listed bus driver / driver of heavy machinery. That is strange as I’m a bad driver. Hmmm perhaps if given proper training I may be able to handle a crane.

4. I lived in Japan for a year on my own. I had my own rented car and apartment. I drove through meandering roads among rice fields to work with Bon Jovi blaring on the car stereo.

5. I have attended a number of different schools and lived in several houses/apartments over the years. If I can count correctly, it’s 9 different schools and 18 different houses/apartments.

6. I love to travel but dislike sight seeing. I’d rather spend some time in one place and experience the everyday things that the locals do.

7. I love working with my hands especially in making beautiful things. I like repetitive but also love variety. I jump at every opportunity to learn a new craft.

I cannot name 7 people with blogs to link to and will probably not fulfill the rules for being tagged. I hope I will be forgiven.

I will however name 7 Etsy sellers who have some beautiful items which I love.

I love her style

I love the wirework especially with the seaglass

I love the square glass earrings

I love the beaded boxes

I love the china shard pins and altered art pieces

I love the charm & optical lens necklaces

I love her cool knits

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