Monday, 13 May 2019

Renulek’s Wiosna 2019 Doily WIP 4

Round 9 is finally done. The doily currently measures about 12 inches across. It was a struggle, what with Tsuru being ill. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments. It was most appreciated. She is slowly getting better. We had to force feed her liquid food with a syringe. It was tough but it had to be done. The vet wanted to hospitalize her but she was already so stressed out. We thought she would fare better at home. Last night she ate a few pieces of her dry kibble. I still had to force feed her this morning. I got a squeeze bottle and widened the nozzle. That was easier than the syringe. 


  1. So fabulous!!! :) I have tried commenting on each post, but I keep getting messages that tell me it can't be delivered.

  2. Thanks for the update on Tsuru. So glad she is home in your care, which is best. Good idea to use the squeeze bottle.

    I'm amazed you have completed Round 9 already, as it seems daunting. This doily has a very unique and spectacular design, especially enhanced by the 'variegated' round, which looks great!

  3. I am SO glad Tsuru is getting better. The doily looks beautiful. You finished Round 9 so fast!

  4. You definitely got your worry knots in and I sometimes help small baby animals and it is a struggle finding the right thing to use to feed your animal with. So glad she is doing a little better and made it through the night. The nights are the hardest.

  5. Beautiful doily

    I am so sorry she is ill I hope she soon recovers and back to her usual self, sending her love and a cuddle