Monday 12 November 2018

Pandora Bracelet of the Week 15

The Pandora Essence Silver Bracelet with Pandora Rose Essence Love makes a family, Pandora Rose Cute Bunny, Pandora Essence Affection and the Pandora Rose Regal Key. If you like a lightweight bracelet with few charms, I would recommend the Essence bracelet. The Essence charms comes fitted with silicone so once you slide them into position on the bracelet, it should not move around too much. I love it because you forget you have a bracelet on. I prefer the round charms to the button/medallion shaped ones (for Essence) because the latter sometimes flip/roll. I also like to place small charms or dangles from the regular collection in between Essence charms.

This is the Pandora Rose Cute Bunny. It is a small charm and it looked dwarfed among my other charms but on the Essence bracelet, the size is just right. The same goes with the Pandora Rose Regal Key.