Monday 27 August 2018

Pandora Bracelets of the Week 7

Pandora Moments Silver Bangle with Pandora Rose clasp.

From left to right: Pandora rose dazzling daisies clip, Silver shimmering lace charm, Pandora rose filled with romance charm, Royal blue nature's radiance charm, Pandora rose heraldic heart charm, Silver glittering shapes charm and Pandora rose dazzling daisies clip.

Pandora Moments Silver Open Bangle with logo caps.

From left to right: Abstract silver with faceted royal blue crystal charm, Aqua heart charm and another Abstract silver with faceted royal blue crystal charm.

Two bangles stacked together. Strong colours give the bangles focus. I think it is a nice contrast with the silver and the Pandora rose. Although blue is not my favourite colour, I seem to have many blues in my wardrobe. It should match very well. 

Both the aqua heart and the royal blue nature's radiance charms are stunning. It was love at first sight for the aqua heart but the royal blue nature's radiance seems to grow on me.


  1. Wow love it, I did like blue and those charms are a wow

    1. Thank you Margaret. Two bangles on my wrist however I an afraid I might scratch the charms so I only wore one.