Monday, 9 July 2018

Pandora Bracelet of the Week 2

From clasp clockwise: Primrose Silver Clip, Black Forget Me Not Onyx Charm, Black Flower Blossom Murano, Black Nautical Pave Lights Charm, Shimmering rose clip, Red Fizzle Murano, Infinite Love Spacer,  Red Pave Heart Charm, Infinite Love Spacer, Red Flower Blossoms Murano, Shimmering Rose Clip, Black Pave Heart Charm, Black Bubbles Murano, Openwork Enamel Flower Charm & Primrose Silver Clip.

The red and black flower blossom muranos may not be correctly named. If it is too old, it may not have a name. I got those and some others on Etsy. Others from Rue La La when they had international shipping. The silver barrel clasp bracelet was a promotional gift with purchase from our local Pandora store.