Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Tat A Monument In Pink

These are twenty squares ready to be sent to Cathy. I added some beads to a few squares. I hope that it is okay. Can you spot those in the photo?

I managed to find some Flora size 20 threads in 3 shades of pink (#224, 211 & 207) and tatted with those, plus the Milford Mercer in pink and ombre pink. 

I did not manage to buy a postcard of Singapore so I used what I already had in my stationery stash. A postcard is not easy to buy these days. Most shops do not sell them any more unless you visit tourist attractions or hotel gift shops.

Makes me think of what else is becoming obsolete.

Cathy has just sent out an e-mail to say that she has extended the deadline to 30 March 2018. So please join in if you can. Details are linked here.


  1. They are lovely and it must be fun for her to see what a great response from all over the world she received :)
    PS I found the tiny beads

  2. I follow the response she has been getting and the list of countries is endless, I have already done some and I might do a few more, even she is amazed at the response. I will look out for your squares on her Facebook page.