Tuesday 28 November 2017


Not much tatting has been done.
I tried to start another pattern from Lee Hye-Oon.
I guess I was distracted with too much online shopping
that I tatted this all wrong.
Can you believe that this was all I tatted the whole
of last week.


  1. I can believe it! I haven't tatted much either. It's the season here to plan for planting in the garden next year. Almost done and finished. Back to the shuttles!

  2. For something tatted all wrong, it's so pretty!! :) Looks like a sunshine!! :)

  3. I like all those ruffled chains and the big open center! It reminds me of the sun.

  4. Thank you for your comments. I am comforted that I am not alone in tatting so slowly. There are many distractions. The resulting motif is pretty but it has too many 'arms'. It won't go to waste but I did start a new one for the pattern.